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GSPS & BGAN 30 day extension prepay voucher changes

Satcom Global is pleased to announce that Inmarsat has made changes to their 30 day extension vouchers, making them more flexible and straightforward. The new vouchers are available in GlobalNet as of 20/9/17, and will work as follows:

1. Cumulative redemption of extension vouchers
Users will be able to redeem multiple 30 day extension vouchers on the same day and the total extension period will be cumulative. For example, if you redeem a 30 day extension voucher 3 times, you will receive a total of 90 days added to the date of expiry.

2. Redemption at any time during the balance expiry period
The 30 day extension will automatically start at expiry of the existing balance, replacing the need for redemption by the end user the day before expiry to benefit from the full days extension.

3. Extension vouchers are only available for redemption when the existing balance is greater than zero units
This new rule avoids incorrect redemption's as it is in the interest of customers to extend their balance expiry period only when there is a remaining balance.

We hope these enhancements will make 30 day extension vouchers more attractive and user friendly, to keep valuable balances going for longer.