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Satcom 24/7 helpdesk:
 Phone:+44 (0) 191 258 8649
 US Toll Free:+1 877 223 5075
 Asia:+66 (0) 2251 4222
 BGAN/FBB/GSPS Short Code:33 (post paid)
 BGAN/GSPS Short Code:530 (pre-paid)
 Iridium Short Code:7750

Iridium Prepaid Sim Grace Period Extended from 90 to 270 days

Dear Customer, 

Please be informed of the shared Planned  Maintenance from Iridium scheduled on the 12th April 2017 (21:00 UTC to 23:00 UTC).

Advisory Info:  Maintenance Advisory

Services Impacted: Openport - Data Monitoring

Services Status: Maintenance

Begin Time: Wed, 12th April 2017 21:00 (GMT)

End Time: Wed 12th April 2017  23:00 (GMT)

Comments: This is a maintenance advisory from Iridium.  During the time frame provided, Iridium will be performing maintenance on the above mentioned services.  Customers may experience degraded, intermittent or even a complete loss of service during the indicated maintenance window.  Additional notification will be provided to alert you of any changes in status that occur during this maintenance event.

Should you have any questions or concerns relating to this announcement please contact our Technical Support.

Kind regards

Satcom Global Technical Support

UK: +44 (0) 258 8649

US Toll Free: +1 877 223 5075

Asia: +65 3108 0519

Australia: +61 2888 00171


Inmarsat NEW Prepaid Platform
Inmarsat have reviewed their process and as of January 2017 they will no longer support the transfer of a balance between prepay sim cards.